CVP – Content Update v0.2 is Now Available

As always, the latest version of the chess variant player can be downloaded in the appropriate ‘Downloads’ section.


v0.2 marks the completion of Sovereign chess, along with another 20 or so variants (full list in the change-log). I’m very pleased with finally releasing so many more (50 total!) and am probably going to leave it at that amount. Although, I still have plans to create the ‘create-your-own’ variant system, along with variant descriptions, and other small visual details. And now that I’m finished with uni, I can start focusing much more on development.

I’m certain there are plenty of bugs riddled in Sovereign chess, but hey that’s just part of the fun! /s

(All new additions & fixes can be viewed under v0.2 of the change-log)


CVP – The Most Complex Variant of Chess Yet

ss+(2017-09-08+at+11.44.56)This took a really, really long time…

Well, things have been slow, and the time I have to spend on this project is growing shorter, but another milestone has been hit. Since the release of v0.1, my main focus has been on creating the Sovereign Chess variant, and I’m happy to say that all the hard features are finally complete. All that’s left now is some simple housekeeping, and the castling mechanic (which is frustratingly unintuitive with my interface). But it feels real good to have all these complex mechanics work together as intended, as you can see above. And from the questionable amount of testing I’ve done, I’ve yet to encounter any bugs. So that’s good.

Aside from the behemoth, I’ve implemented several other variants that are closer in-line with the rest of the family so far. I selected ones that didn’t involve any unimplemented mechanics just so that I could pump out as many variants as possible during the long haul of Sovereign Chess development. Since, well, even though it is complicated, I want the next release to contain more than just Sovereign Chess. Speaking of which, once the variant’s completely finished, I’ll definitely get the next version of the game up and available as soon as possible, which ideally will be very soon.

On a further note, I’m just gonna refrain from listing the new variants and chess pieces each post, and instead have them listed together with the next release of the game — just so these intermediate posts are more compact and focused on the process of development rather than the changelog.

A Tool for Playing Chess Variants!


Since March of 2017, I’ve been working on a chess program with the intent of implementing as many variants of chess as I can. Unlike my previous projects, this is the first project that is “unoriginal”, in the sense that it is an already-known and understood game. I would like the final product to be a chess player that allows the user to select between a large variety of chess game-modes to play with. Since it’s a tool, only local 2 player/single-player is supported.

Currently implemented modes of play:

Wikipedia’s list of chess variants has been my go-to for implementing each variant’s setup and rules. No plans regarding game modes with board sizes that aren’t rectangular, but I will be creating fairy chess pieces for even more variants in the next update.