Download link (mega) v0.2
There’ll be a readme.txt in the zip file describing instructions and controls, make sure to read it!

Change log
–v0.2 (November 16, 2017)
  • Added: 22 new chess variants (Active, Advance, Cheshire Cat, Cylinder, Extinction, Fianchetto, Gothic, Grasshopper, Half, Jeson Mor, Ladder, Legan, Los Alamos, Maharajah, Mongredien, Nightrider, Omega, Perfect, ReversedRoyals, Sovereign, Weak).
  • Added: 3 new fairy chess pieces (Wizard, Champion, Nightrider).
  • Added: Chess board flipping after each turn.
  • Added: UI buttons to navigate chess variants (left/right arrow keys still an alternative).
  • Fixed: Illegal En Passant captures.
  • Fixed: Capablanca and Janus chess variants not recognising checks with fairy pieces.
–v0.1.1 (July 25, 2017)
  • Added: Log to display the result of the game when finished.
  • Fixed: Monster chess variant team white unable to checkmate team black.
–v0.1 (July 22, 2017)
  • Added: 28 chess variants; includes varying types of board shapes, sizes, piece layouts, fairy pieces, and winning conditions.

CVP — Proper Pawn Promotions, More Variants, and a Download Link!

chess-variant-player v0.1 is now available! Download link for the latest version is under Categories -> Downloads.

Finally got around to setting up proper pawn promotions. I avoided it for a while and just let pawns automatically promote to queens, but as I added more and more variants that altered pawn promotion rules, it was becoming painful to ignore. Just a testament to how much I dislike working with Unity UI I guess; really does my head in sometimes.


There are a few rules that the program doesn’t account for yet: three-fold repetition, insufficient material, and closed position stalemates. Other than that everything should be working as intended.
Note that there isn’t any UI for when a team wins or stalemates yet — instead neither team will be able to move a piece once the game is over.
Of course this will be properly implemented in the future.

Since last update, new content includes:

Game modes:

Fairy pieces:


Although not completed, development on variant Sovereign chess is ongoing and should be released in the next public build. It’s by far the most divergent chess variant from FIDE rules than any of the other 28 variants implemented, but is still a very interesting game and just looks amazing (still need to add the lines dividing the board).


Features down the line include descriptions for each variant, as to a curious but unknowing user it may be confusing as to how each variant differs from the last. So it’d be nice if they could learn about the variants right then and there instead of googling it, or in the case of Sovereign chess, an in-game link directly to the large set of new rules.