CVP – Content Update v0.2 is Now Available

As always, the latest version of the chess variant player can be downloaded in the appropriate ‘Downloads’ section.


v0.2 marks the completion of┬áSovereign chess, along with another 20 or so variants (full list in the change-log). I’m very pleased with finally releasing so many more (50 total!) and am probably going to leave it at that amount. Although, I still have plans to create the ‘create-your-own’ variant system, along with variant descriptions, and other small visual details. And now that I’m finished with uni, I can start focusing much more on development.

I’m certain there are plenty of bugs riddled in Sovereign chess, but hey that’s just part of the fun! /s

(All new additions & fixes can be viewed under v0.2 of the change-log)


CVP — Proper Pawn Promotions, More Variants, and a Download Link!

chess-variant-player v0.1 is now available! Download link for the latest version is under Categories -> Downloads.

Finally got around to setting up proper pawn promotions. I avoided it for a while and just let pawns automatically promote to queens, but as I added more and more variants that altered pawn promotion rules, it was becoming painful to ignore. Just a testament to how much I dislike working with Unity UI I guess; really does my head in sometimes.


There are a few rules that the program doesn’t account for yet: three-fold repetition, insufficient material, and closed position stalemates. Other than that everything should be working as intended.
Note that there isn’t any UI for when a team wins or stalemates yet — instead neither team will be able to move a piece once the game is over.
Of course this will be properly implemented in the future.

Since last update, new content includes:

Game modes:

Fairy pieces:


Although not completed, development on variant Sovereign chess is ongoing and should be released in the next public build. It’s by far the most divergent chess variant from FIDE rules than any of the other 28 variants implemented, but is still a very interesting game and just looks amazing (still need to add the lines dividing the board).


Features down the line include descriptions for each variant, as to a curious but unknowing user it may be confusing as to how each variant differs from the last. So it’d be nice if they could learn about the variants right then and there instead of googling it, or in the case of Sovereign chess, an in-game link directly to the large set of new rules.

CVP — Fairy Pieces, Git, and More Variants


Managed to set up version control with Bitbucket and Sourcetree, along with Unity’s cloud build system for the project. It apparently caches the library files after each build so there are less files to commit and push to the remote repo, while also being able to routinely build the project if a change is detected, so that’s convenient. Since the builds are available in zip format online, I’ll see what I can do to provide a link for the latest build here.

Since the last post, new content includes:

Game modes

Fairy chess pieces


I’ve also implemented functionality for chessboards that aren’t rectangular in shape, though I’m not sure of many variants that involve these types of boards (aside from Omega chess).

There are still plans for many more variants, but I’m aware that there are many more than I would like to spend time implementing. So at some point I’ll implement a sort of ‘create-a-variant’ option to allow users to create their own variants including customizing board size and shape, initial piece positions, piece rules, and winning conditions for each team. That’s a bit further down the line, and would require a lot of UI. So the next update or two will continue to focus on more variants and fairy chess pieces.