CVP – Content Update v0.2 is Now Available

As always, the latest version of the chess variant player can be downloaded in the appropriate ‘Downloads’ section.


v0.2 marks the completion of Sovereign chess, along with another 20 or so variants (full list in the change-log). I’m very pleased with finally releasing so many more (50 total!) and am probably going to leave it at that amount. Although, I still have plans to create the ‘create-your-own’ variant system, along with variant descriptions, and other small visual details. And now that I’m finished with uni, I can start focusing much more on development.

I’m certain there are plenty of bugs riddled in Sovereign chess, but hey that’s just part of the fun! /s

(All new additions & fixes can be viewed under v0.2 of the change-log)



Download link (mega) v0.2
There’ll be a readme.txt in the zip file describing instructions and controls, make sure to read it!

Change log
–v0.2 (November 16, 2017)
  • Added: 22 new chess variants (Active, Advance, Cheshire Cat, Cylinder, Extinction, Fianchetto, Gothic, Grasshopper, Half, Jeson Mor, Ladder, Legan, Los Alamos, Maharajah, Mongredien, Nightrider, Omega, Perfect, ReversedRoyals, Sovereign, Weak).
  • Added: 3 new fairy chess pieces (Wizard, Champion, Nightrider).
  • Added: Chess board flipping after each turn.
  • Added: UI buttons to navigate chess variants (left/right arrow keys still an alternative).
  • Fixed: Illegal En Passant captures.
  • Fixed: Capablanca and Janus chess variants not recognising checks with fairy pieces.
–v0.1.1 (July 25, 2017)
  • Added: Log to display the result of the game when finished.
  • Fixed: Monster chess variant team white unable to checkmate team black.
–v0.1 (July 22, 2017)
  • Added: 28 chess variants; includes varying types of board shapes, sizes, piece layouts, fairy pieces, and winning conditions.